Inventing Jesus

I have started a new blog to run alongside this one and in which to explore some of the ideas I will be incorporating into my latest writing project.

Inventing Jesus is a successor to my now discontinued blog, Crompton's Mule in which I began to explore the possibility of working out what might be the origins of some of the stories in the Old Testament. The principle underlying my approach was this: stories which have their origins in the imagination of story-tellers are not entirely independent of the real world and that those imaginations feed, not exclusively upon themselves, but upon events, people and things in the real world. A world, that is, of the natural, not the supernatural; a world where miracles do not happen but inexplicable things are not unusual, a world occupied by people and animals little different from the ones we are familiar with.

I intend to take a similar approach in Inventing Jesus and I want to focus mainly, though not exclusively, upon the relationship between the Jesus of Christian belief and the Jesus who might (or, indeed, might not) have wandered around first-century Galilee, Judea and Samaria.  Read more here

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Robert Crompton said...

I changed this blog back to Crompton's Mule - and there will be lots more on it when I have finished my current novel this summer and make a proper start on my Inventing Jesus project