Thursday, 20 November 2014

Leaving Gilead reviewed

I just came across this lovely review of Leaving Gilead on from littlegirlietaylor:

"This was a wonderful read, I adored it and,I am quite sure anyone who reads it will feel the same. Sad and heartbreaking at times and then happy and wonderful at other times. My name is Sue, and I had a lot in common with Susan, I left a cult at 16 yrs of age, had a son, and went on my way, I would recommend this to anyone, especially anyone who has been in a strict religion or a cult, this is truly the way they are, the mother of Susan could have been my dad, and her dad could have been my mother. It so seems that the stories are the same, but the names just change. I have exchanged stories with so many around the world, and the stories, right down to the very words are the same, they have certain words and phrases that they use, and each person will present with them in their stories and they are also presented here very well also. This is how you start to realize that something is wrong and that your parents, children, grandchildren, brothers, or sisters might be involved in a cult type of atmosphere. Truly a wonderful read, cannot say enough for it."

Thanks, Sue, for that. I was very conscious whilst writing this book that I was really telling the stories of so many folk out there. Glad you enjoyed it.


lizy-expat-writer said...

What a wonderful compliment that Sue related so closely to your book. I'd like to download the ebook but I don't know which format Kindle apps use - I shall have to find out!

Robert Crompton said...

Liz, yes I was very conscious when writing it that the story was, in one way or another, the story of so many people out there who had broken free from cults and the like. So Sue's review was especially welcome.

Smashwords indicates that it's the mobi formate you need to download for Kindle - or you can go direct to Kindle and get it from there. Enjoy!