Thursday, 8 May 2014

Early May

I love the first week of May. It's the week when most of the trees are newly in leaf - just the late leafers like ash are still to catch up. So the week could not be allowed to pass without plenty of walking in the woodlands which are close by in every direction from our new home.
Queenwood on Dinmore Hill had long been one of our favourite stopping-off places on our many journeys between South Wales and Cheshire. Now that we live nearby, it had to be high on the list of places to visit last week. It looks great in every season but it is especially beautiful at this time of year.

I had a very treat in store this year. Almost invariably when walking in the woods during springtime, Margaret would be delighted to see the bluebells in flower, but I hardly ever noticed them until she pointed them out. For me, they always merged into the background greenery and become almost invisible. A short while ago, however, I'd had cataract surgery on one eye. So now, what was my bad eye is my good eye and the transformation is remarkable. I hadn't quite appreciated, though, how much better colours appear.

Suddenly, I could see the bluebells!
All I can say is, Wow! Just wow!  I go back early next month to have my second eye done. Then I am going to go around looking at things!

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lizy-expat-writer said...

Here we have jacaranda in blossom, which comes before the leaf and turns the entire tree a slightly mauve blue - incredible. I am hoping to get my cataracts done this year, so I shall be interested to see if it makes any difference to my colour vision.