Friday, 11 April 2014

Crompton's Mule

It's revival time. Time to revive my other blog, Crompton's Mule which I started as a place where I could give an airing to some of ideas of Freddie Whitaker, a significant character in my current novel Heron and the Carpenter. Freddie's story didn't diminish so much as get overtaken by Judy's ferreting out the possible details of Grandfather Solomon's story. Inevitably, Freddie now plays a lesser part than I envisaged at first.
A lesser part in my novel, that is. In fact, Freddie's story grew until now it has become my next project to follow Heron and the Carpenter. Not as a novel, though. It will be the non-fiction work I thought I had left behind. More of that in due course, however. For now it's time to revive my other blog with an excerpt from The Gospel of Eleazar for Holy Week.


lizy-expat-writer said...

It always seems strange to click on "No comments" to leave you a comment! Giving Fred his own blog could be risky - what if he develops a mind of his own?

Robert Crompton said...

Develop a mind of his own? He did - and he's persuaded me to write his book when I've finished Heron and the Carpenter. :)