Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Wesley House

In my plotting and scheming for Whitaker's Basin, my current novel in progress, Freddie Whitaker is preparing to leave Cambridge. He's been ousted from his dream job as Principal of a small theological college. He's quite simply too far over the liberal end of the spectrum of belief for the prevailing fundamentalist orthodoxy of his church. So it's goodbye, Radcliffe Court, for Freddie.

Meanwhile in the real Cambridge, it's soon to be goodbye for my own alma mater. The last intake of Methodist ordinands studying at Wesley House will complete their studies this academic year and then the House will cease to function as one of the Methodist Church's theological colleges training its next generation of ministers. A big chunk of the place will be sold and what remains will be used as some sort of educational resource for lay training.

(File from Wikimedia Commons) The window peeping out from the top right corner of the photo is my old living room window. And that big central part of the building is the library.

I loved my three years at Wesley House, especially my studies in the University and it saddens me that others will no longer have quite the same opportunity that I had. As a far over the edge liberal whom many would not recognise as any sort of believer, I rate my time at Wesley House as one of the highlights of my working and studying life.

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lizy-expat-writer said...

Happy days! My father was close to becoming a Methodist minister but he ended up at Kelham as a CofE man instead. Seven years - he had had no grammar school education and had to learn Latim and Greek as well as everything else.