Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Do they really want Christ in Christmas?

The Telegraph reports today about a vicar who objects to people who turn up at Christmas services but who are not otherwise regular church-goers.

So is his message not,"Keep Christ in Christmas" but rather, "You just leave him out of this - we'll do the Jesus bits if you don't mind."

At one time it was common practice, in some Protestant traditions, to hold Communion services once a quarter. And during the week or so prior to those services the minister would issue tickets to those who, being regular attenders, were entitled to attend. Would the vicar like Christmas Eve services to go the same way?


lizy-expat-writer said...

Even if we only go to church once a year, the urge to go is surely an indication that we have a trace of belief left? though having sat in the congregation at Midnight Mass beside people who have clearly spent several hours in the pub first, I can also see his point.

Patsy said...

That seems an odd attitude. Most people are more welcoming and friendly at Christmas time and generally that includes christians.

Robert Crompton said...

Ah yes, Liz - boozy in church. You've given me an idea for another post.

Patsy, maybe they should offer a bit of shelter in a stable round the back.