Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Crompton's Mule

Despite appearances to the contrary, I have just put up a new blogpost. It's on the new blog which I've started as a kind of spin-off from my current novel. Now I have the perfect displacement activity - I can go and tinker with Crompton's Mule and make out that what I am doing is fleshing out the character of Freddie Whitaker for my novel.


Patsy said...

You sound as bad as me. I've started a gardening blog and I think deep down it might be an attempt to make all my gardening activities seem more like work!

Robert Crompton said...

Or, as I would put it, writing is about life. And life is, well, gardening, walking, making things - everything. Can't be writers in isolation for very long.
Keep up the gardening!