Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Jodrell Bank

A tour of Cheshire would be incomplete without a visit to Jodrell Bank, home of the Lovell Telescope.
You can just turn up and spend the day exploring the site and the visitor centre. Or, better, you could go along to one of the special events. It will be a day to remember.

And that was the trouble, really, for Judy. She had gone all the way through high school from year seven to GCSE year saying that she was not going to be a scientist. Her mum and dad were both science teachers and Judy was going to be different. Lots different. But you can’t visit Jodrell Bank without thinking how great it would be to be an astrophysicist or even a botanist for heaven’s sake (they’ve got an arboretum there as well as the spacey, techie stuff, wouldn’t you just know) and even Judy could find herself thinking, well maybe. After all she was pretty good at physics.

And when you stand near that great dish, especially when they tilt right down and you can see right inside it like in the photo here, well you just think of all the amazing stuff it’s been looking at. Listening to. Whatever.

Or maybe when Judy stands just there where I took that photo, she thinks of all her favourite sci-fi writers and tells herself that yes, like all along it’s English she wants to study.


Patsy said...

If I went I'd probably just think about Brian Cox. *sigh*

Robert Crompton said...

Hang around - you might bump into him!

lizy-expat-writer said...

Or science and English combined?

Robert Crompton said...

Liz, yes!