Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Leaving Gilead - the blurb

One of the trickiest tasks for a novelist is writing a blurb. It has to be a short appetiser for the story that tells potential readers enough for them to know what to expect. But it mustn't give the story away.

Okay, then, here's my first shot at writing a blurb for Leaving Gilead:

Nothing will come of it. That’s what Tom Sparrow’s dad said when young Tom fell in love with Susan Ridley. The trouble was, her family belonged to a strict religious sect which disapproved of all outsiders. Against the odds their friendship developed until the time when Tom was all set to go to university and Susan was free at last to escape from her family’s religion and move to Manchester with Tom. What stopped her? Why was she no longer around?

Thirty years later when Tom was contemplating a change of career, the Ridley’s old house, tucked away in the forest, came up for sale. It was just what he wanted – though he wasn’t sure about Melanie, a young woman who also had an interest in the house. Otherwise it was perfect for his plans for a new life back where he had his roots. As he prepared to move in he discovered something hidden away in an outbuilding and at last he began to learn the truth of what had happened all those years before.

Leaving Gilead is the story of two women’s struggles to build new lives after growing up in a religion that promotes irrational belief and conformity with arbitrary rules above above personal development.

Look out, folks, for Leaving Gilead - coming soon as an ebook!


Patsy said...

You're right about the blurb being tricky!

If the story is about two women, I think perhaps you should name both of them in the blurb.

Rob Crompton said...

Oops, yes, of course!

Rob Crompton said...

Sorted, I think. For now, at least.

lizy-expat-writer said...

Tricky? Oh yes! I think you need to shorten it, Rob. Too much detail, but it's getting there!