Friday, 20 July 2012

Cover designs?

Now that I'm getting towards finishing my novel, I'm experimenting with cover designs. So here's a couple of possibles, both using photos taken very close to where I have visualised the Snig's Foot.

Anyone care to choose one? Top, bottom, either, neither?


Marion Clarke said...

I don't know what a Snig's Foot is, Rob, so I am just going to give my immediate impressions of the two covers.

But first, I did wonder why the title is, 'A view' rather than 'The view from the Snig's Foot'?

The first suggests country tales to me because it is a pleasant scene.

The second has a hint of something darker as the road leads into a forest, and the unknown.

So now I'm intrigued - what is your book all about! :]


Rob Crompton said...

Helpful comment - thanks, Marion. The hint of something darker is probably better.
And what's a Snig's Foot? It's a house in the forest in my novel, but originally a local nick-name of a pub. A snig, by the way, is an eel.

lizy-expat-writer said...

I too was wondering about the title - why "A View2 and not just "View". "A View" suggests there could be more than one.
And could you combine house and forest with a bit of computer jiggery pokery?

Rob Crompton said...

I might go for just "View" in the end - I was trying to avoid repetition of the definite article which I thought sounded awkward.

Patsy said...

How will the book be marketed? If online the second version might be better as it's simpler and the image will be small.

I prefer the second one anyway as it's more intriguing - the pathway encourages the viewer to wonder what's round the corner.

Agree with Marion too that the first seems pleasant and totally straightforward - would suit a more lighthearted story. The second suggests something darker or mythical or supernatural.

Maxi said...

Having read what your book is more about, then I'd agree and say the second one. As Patsy says, it is simpler, and therefore more striking. Also, if there is a house in a deep, dark woods (or similar) then this shot of a winding road leading to...who knows what, does seem more appropriate. My opinion anyway :)

Rob Crompton said...

Thanks, folks. these comments have been very helpful. I reckon I will go with the second cover, which seems to me to fit what I wanted best. And apart from that it is taken from very close to where I have set the location for the house.

When I took this photo, which is one of many, I was trying to get a decent view of Eddisbury Hill which figures prominently in my novel - under a different name. I got lots of pics of the hill but none of them are in the least bit suitable. It's only just out of sight here, behind the trees on the right.