Thursday, 12 January 2012

Spring is coming!

Well, the festivities are now in the past. I cooked my end of the hols brisket and drove my son to the station on the first leg of his journey home to Andalucia. And I'm gradually getting back into a working frame of mind and picking up from where I left off three weeks ago.

And I really do need to catch up for spring is on its way. the buds on the trees are beginning to change, the catkins which were set a few weeks ago are ready to lengthen. And this morning I saw this in the garden:

The Red Admiral is one of the earliest British butterflies to emerge from hibernation - someone else spotted one on New Years Day in Sussex. It's a timely reminder to get on with everything.

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Patsy said...

What a lovely sight - bet the poor thing is cold now though. Spring seemed nearly here a few days ago, but now it seems we'll have to wait a while longer.