Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Keep those photos to hand!

Most of us need a reminder now and again to back up all our files – so this is an addendum to that bit of advice: always make sure that you have to hand a set of up-to-date photos that you may need at short notice for publicity purposes and the like. And if you are anything like me and tend to stay behind the camera rather than step in front of it, try to make a point of having a few of yourself in all the relevant settings.

I completed an online interview yesterday for a magazine feature. An interesting questionnaire and enjoyable to do. But then, a couple of photos to attach? It wasn't just that my old hard drive is still sitting waiting for me to find a way to get into it. Among the many photos there would only be a very few which would be relevant. After a bit of panicking and digging I did manage to find what was needed but I shall now spend some time putting together a portfolio of potential publicity stuff. And I trust I'll need it before too long.


Patsy said...

Good advice. I've been asked for a photo of myself to go with a bio on several occasions and it always happens on a bad hair day, so having a few to hand is a sensible idea.

Lexia said...

Great advice - and advice that I have given myself many times, but don't seem to have put into action. I recently bought a new external hard drive with the intention of sorting all photos into categories and labelling them etc. All I've ended up doing is adding an extra device to the collection of usb memory sticks I have.
Ah well, it's always good to take a trip down memory lane, even though it does use up an awful lot of time !

Seaview said...

This is definitely a good bit of advice. I received an email from Writing Magazine to say they were using a piece I sent them, but they needed pic - panic stations - I had none! Luckily, my then eight year old daughter was on hand and took a lovely photo I now use for everything...but that was nearly two years ago, so yes, having a little stock of pics is a great tip.

Baggy said...

Excellent advice. I recently needed a photo of myself and found very few that were suitable. I take hundreds in an afternoon, but none of me!

Rosalind Smith-Nazilli said...

I always end up using the same photo which is quite old.

May have to get something ssorted incase I ever make the big time..