Friday, 7 October 2011

If you go down to the woods... very careful not to get swallowed up by a tree.  This one has been looking out across the Monmouth and Brecon Canal above Risca for hundreds of years. A see how many unfortunate passers-by it has ensnared. I can spot a giant dog and two faces just below the dog. To the right there's an elephant's trunk with a pair of boxing gloves tied to it. And then, down at the bottom there's a little face peeping out above the tree-cave.
Would you dare to look into that tree-cave? I did and I lived to tell the tale. But be very careful, not everyone would be so lucky.
All of which means, there are some wonderful old trees around here! And even trees have stories to tell.


Baggy said...

Lovely tree.

I drive through an avenue of Beech trees fairly regularly and they've all grown into unique characters. Hopefully none will try and eat me!

Patsy said...

What a great image!

It does look as though it could swallow people, but even so I wouldn't be able to resist taking a peek inside.