Friday, 30 September 2011

Talk: Telling the stories

I had a great evening earlier this week when I was guest speaker at a Rotary Club Charter Night. I spoke on the topic, “Telling the stories,” beginning with the almost universal tendency we have to share our stories whenever we gather in social groups. And then I built it up from there to relate this story-telling to my own experience of writing Bunderlin

 It seemed to go down pretty well. They were really friendly people and an appreciative audience. And they gave me a donation for the charity which I'd nominated – The Joshua Tree.   Take a look at that one, folks. It's a great venture.

So I came away encourage to develop this side of my work more. I'm putting together some notes for another talk now. Still on the theme of story-telling, but this time focussing on the places which are special to us and seem to be full of stories waiting to be told.

Most of these ideas I have blogged about, but not very systematically so far.


Baggy said...

That's very brave of you and what a wonderful charity that looks.

Rob Crompton said...

Didn't actually think of this as particularly brave, Baggy. After all, public speaking has been a major part of my working week for the past thirty years or so. But there are always some settings which can be more daunting than others.

Just a word of advice to anyone who might be thinking of starting out along this road: try to get enough experience to give you some confidence before taking on an after-dinner job. It isn't a very good idea to tuck into - or try to tuck into - a full dinner before standing up to do your half-hour slot unless you are fairly well at ease.

Patsy said...

I can see pre talk nerves and a big dinner might not be a winning combination!