Friday, 5 August 2011

It isn't only the cults...

Every so often when reading a draft chapter of my novel at the writers' circle where I belong, I find myself prefacing my reading by saying that some of the most outrageous behaviour and the craziest beliefs really are based upon truth. Yes, I know it sounds far-fetched, but lots of folk in these cults really are just like that.

But perhaps I need not bother. The mainstream has more than its share of stupidity, daftness and nastiness. Maybe I should post one or two links from time to time to mainstream crassness. How about this one, from a Church of England Vicar, in which he describes an incident in church when a young woman was utterly humiliated and embarrassed.  Any hint of contrition there? Or apology? Or regret at such a deplorable lapse? No, not at all. Just a jokey style, a smiley and a humour tag. Shame on you, Vic the Vicar. Shame on you.


Anthony Cowin said...

That story applaud me. Funny how man made religions and conventions seem to think they are more correct than Mother Nature.

Baggy said...

Shame indeed!

I've posted a comment on his blog.

Rob Crompton said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving comments, tony and Baggy.

I suppose in a way I should thank Rev Vic van den Bergh for his post. Sort of. Cos I want to be able to make the point that the kinds of screwball beliefs that people have and the crass behaviour that gets passed off as a joke are no just confined to the wacko fringe.

Anonymous said...

If you read what is written you will see an apologetic against religious people. Not only that but the church in question is not Church of England.

Apart from that you did well with your assessment!

Rob Crompton said...

You are quite right, of course, Anonymous, Kensington Temple is not CofE. It's Pentecostal. But Vic van den Bergh is a CofE priest. Which is what I said. So is Pente mainstream or fringe? You tell me.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Greeting Rob - good to see that I have at least managed to stir up some passion in a reader.!

Sorry you don't like the post but I don't expect to win a coconut every time.

Thanks (as ever) for the comments anyway - duly noted and apologies for unintentional raising of blood pressure. I still find it funny that someone could cause the very thing that they feared and yet was not present by their high dudgeon and righteously misplaced anger.

We both (the feeding lady and me) that this was funny (a few weeks later. I think I fared worse than her in my initial anger regarding it all).

Still, the recalling of it makes me smile now.

Hope to see more of your caption comments soon.



Rob Crompton said...

Thanks for cropping by, Vic.

One last comment then I'll be done: Imagine you are in college, leading a group of ordinands in reflections on their summer placements. One of them tells this story. In the same way you told it, focusing primarily on the "funny" side of it.

Do you have a good laugh and ask for more funny stories? Or do you ask for reflections on how to handle situations like that? And maybe talk about being careful not to give out the wrong message with misplaced humour? Especially when there are miserable old codgers like me around who can't see the joke.

Now there's an interesting topic for that imaginary group - the power of humour to heal,and the power of humour to humiliate.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

I'd have to say it's an essential topic because it demonstrates, through humour, the power to alienate and brings with it the potential to learn.

We had a baptism today and the visitors were rather shocked by the fact that not only did we ask them not to engage in combat with small children over the noise but we welcomed them and even provided toys as the need arose.

I could have pointed to the 'screwball beliefs and the (worse than) crass behaviour by throwing my toys, but that's not my style. I am also led to believe that some of those exploring calling and the pastoral role have learned much from the tale. Funnily, those who have nursed found it funnier than some of the blokes.

Hey ho! If people decide that won't be them then I am happy.