Monday, 27 June 2011

Isle of Mull

We're just back from a couple of weeks camping and walking, mostly on the Isle of Mull. So here are just a very few of the photos I took.

We met this splendid youngster whilst walking on the Ardmeanach peninsula. This will be a big on when it grows up!

It was one of a herd of juveniles and adult females which straddled the path we were walking along. And there amongst them was a bull. A fine huge stud bull enjoying the company of his females and their offspring. We thought it might be wise not to elbow our way through the middle of them. By the time we had found our way around the herd, the bull was out of sight so I never got a picture of. This is the photo I took when we regained our intended route:

This photo of Tobermory lighthouse is one of my favourites from the three hundred or so which I took during the holiday:


Alison said...

Gorgeous photos, Rob. Kind of need these for my blog!! Don't spose you could come along on some of my wanderings, could you?!!

Rob Crompton said...

Hi, Alison, and thanks for dropping by. Feel free to use these photos if they are of any use to you - so long as you attribute, of course.