Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pictures and Stories

When I am out and about I keep running into stories. Places I visit offer hints of people who have lived and worked there and I often fancy that I pick up a little snatch of their stories. Mostly, completely made-up, of course, and far from actuality. And sometimes I want to find out more - why is this place just as it is? Who was here? How did that happen?

When driving back from Tobermory to our campsite on our recent holiday, we simply had to stop for a good look at these dead boats. And I find that they set my story-telling mind racing. If only those boats could speak, imagine what they could tell. But, of course, there are people on the island who know their stories - and will have lots more to add...

Closer to home near the end out our holiday, we stopped in Cheshire and spend a day walking in Delamere Forest. This is a part of the forest which is not seen by many of the visitors, but I always find it intriguing. I guess that some day soon I am going to have to find out more about this area. This road, which now just winds around the back of beyond, must have seen lots more traffic in earlier generations. It's a bricked road. So I try to visualise how many labourers it took to build it. What establishments did it serve? Do those old ruined buildings house the memories of the folk who used these roads?

Well, here I am back home and eager to get on with my current novel. But whenever I visit such interesting places as these, I come home with all sorts of stories crowding in on me and I want to write them all.

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Jen said...

You do have to wonder don't you about why those boats have been left to rot, and what their life was like out on the sea once upon a time.
I often have similar thoughts when I go past houses with cars parked out the front that have obviously not been driven for a very long time.
The long and winding road in your photo must have some tales about the people who have walked upon it also.