Sunday, 24 April 2011

Why does it have to be difficult?

Why do computer geeks never seem to tell you all that you need to know? I'm trying to get up and running  with Linux but I constantly hit a brick wall. I'm sure that if ever anyone asked a computer geek for directions it would go something like this:
Traveller: Can you tell me how to get to Boggins Gardens?
Geek: Easy - you go in through the green gates opposite Boggins Hall.
Traveller: I know that but I don't know how to get to the green gates.
Geek: That's easy as well. You start from here and you go in the direction of the green gates.
Traveller goes off in despair and asks an Ordinary Person
OP: Oh, you don't want to bother with that. Just get the Gates bus. It's much easier.

Anyone out there know where I can download a beginning beginner's guide to starting to get started? I thought I had found one but it assumed that I was migrating from MSDOS.
I'm convinced there is a big conspiracy keep us all with Windows or Mac, or else to provide work for all the folk who've come through over-subscribed Geek Studies degree courses.

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