Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ee - I hate it!

Of all the grammatical errors and misspellings that have elbowed their way into modern print, the one I hate the most - right at this moment, I mean; it might be another tomorrow - is the misused ee ending. Not so very long ago, within easy memory, it was straightforward. The ending was borrowed from the French and it followed the same rule as the French.
So an employee was someone employed by and employer. A payee was someone payed by a payer. And so on. But now, an attendee is... Well what, for heaven's sake? A conferee is... Banned from any conference I organise, I'm telling you.
But the worst is standee. Ouch and ouch and please don't!  You see it on the buses: to carry 50. 42 seated and 8 standees. Ghastly.
But wait a minute, this could be ok. Yes, of course. The standees are the poor so-and-sos on an early bus home because their date didn't show. They were stood up.

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