Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Snig's Foot demythologised

Credit to Jim Linville! He spotted a pub called the Snig's Foot and it's only 39 miles from mine (the real one, in Delamere, of course!) That's not bad at all - from as far away as Canada.  Them's damn fine binocs you've got there Jim.

Here's mine:
It's real name is (and always was) the Carriers Inn. A snig being an eel suggests to me that the local nickname of Snig's Foot from years back may well hint at the state of legless inebriation my Gandad's drinking pals so assiduously researched there before the Abbey Arms became their favoured local.

Until not so long ago it was very much a spit and sawdust dive of a place but the new owners have transformed it into one of the best pub restaurants in this part of Cheshire. Give it a go if ever you are here, Jim. And let me know so that I can join you.

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Anonymous said...

Cool, Not sure when I will be back in jolly Olde England, though.