Saturday, 27 November 2010

Back to the Snig's Foot...

...which is here. Actually, it isn't and I'm not able to go back there just yet, at least not literally. Only literarily. The real Snig's Foot is a village pub which is a fair walk from here (and that's not the name on the sign) and my own Snig's Foot is just a little further along towards the forest road. Beside this pair of cottages there used to be another. My Gran and Grandad lived there and my mother and aunts grew up there. I spent the happiest times of my childhood here.

But the story which I have set here is not my own. It's Susan Ridley's story and you'll not find anyone round about who will be able to tell you anything about her. Which is because she's fictional. I've had her story completely mapped out for a long time and I've even written one novel about her. But that needs to be reworked. Some of the other characters stories have changed but Susan's is the same. She just needed a new context and this place, which I love so much, has provided that.

In part, it has provided that new context. Perhaps most significantly Melanie, someone who wasn't even around for the first telling, has made the major contribution. She is Susan's... well, never mind, you'll have to read the story for the details. But it has become Melanie's story as well as she sets out to make sure that her family make good the wrong they did not just to her but, as it turns out, to Susan as well.

So now, along with raising my profile and marshalling a bit of publicity for Bunderlin, I can get on with my new novel. And I have just realised at last what my title will be: Back to the Snig's Foot.

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