Sunday, 5 September 2010

Back to work

Summer's over. The trees are already showing their autumn colours and the sky is overcast, threatening rain later in the evening. And I must now plan my week ahead.
No more just drifting, reading as the fancy takes me and surfing the internet because my writing is now my full-time occupation.

I've three major projects to immerse myself in - gearing up to promote Bunderlin which is soon to be published, finishing the first draft of Foresters, and preparing a series of storytelling workshops that Margaret and I intend to start running.

The Cardiff Writers' Circle start their new session tomorrow evening so I shall take myself down there and rejoin. Whilst I was writing the first draft of Bunderlin I belonged to the Circle and their encouragement was terrifically valuable. And it's a good way of providing a bit of structure and discipline to the writing life if you commmit yourself to reading a chapter regularly.

So tomorrow morning I set out my goals for the week and promise to report back how it goes. But now we need to walk the dogs and trust that we can get around our normal route before the rain - been out every day since the spring and only got wet once. So I guess it's been a good summer - even if some folk who can remember when it rained that once think it's been pretty lousy.

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