Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Too good to be true?

This fine old building is the Wild Boar Hotel which sits impressively beside the A49 overlooking the Cheshire Plain. But no, it's just that bit too good to be true - despite appearances it's not the finest Tudor mansion in the county. It's a 19th century mock-up built by John Naylor, timber merchant. A beautiful building, all the same.

We pass the Wild Boar each time we visit Delamere - and just about every time we pass it, Margaret tells me we should stop there for a meal one day. We never do stop because it's too near our destination - where we have other favourite places to eat.

Last autumn, though, Margaret told me I must promise her that when I sign a contract to publish Bunderlin we will celebrate with a cream tea at the Wild Boar. Got an email yesterday and it looks as though I owe her that cream tea. But just in case it's too good to be true, I'll wait till I've actually signed the contract - some time in the next few days - before I post details about it. Does feel good though!

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