Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Well, here we go

After a few months of working on the very last final edit of Bunderlin, the one with no more to follow, I start the business of trying to find a publisher or agent. I suppose I ought to feel pretty confident because earlier drafts have made it to the short lists of a couple of competitions, and this version is a big improvement upon those. But it does feel rather odd sending out the submissions and waiting to see what happens.

I guess what I really must do now is immerse myself in my latest novel. The last year hasn't been all that easy for writing cause I've been working full-time in my day job and haven't been able to manage the two full days together per week that I prefer. But from the end of this summer I'm back to part-time so I have no excuses. I know I could think of one or two but I'm not going to. I'm going to get on with my writing.

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Sam Palmer said...

I totally identify with how the summer workload interferes a bit with writing. My current novel has suffered a bit for it as well.

Sam Palmer

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